MF20-L-A | Egytronics
E1-1325-C excitech router
Model : MF20-L-A
Work Area : 110 X 110 mm
Laser Power : 20 W
Total Power : 1500 W
Work Speed : from 0 to 7000 mm/s

* MF20-L-A fiber machine specialized in the pits on the LED lamps and bulbs.


- Han's Yueming independent research pulsed fiber laser marking machines with special design, compact structure, small size, no light leakage,high anti-reflection characteristics, could work without shadows and imaginary line even on high reflective materials like aluminum, copper, gold, silver,…etc.

- High-speed digital scanning galvanometer with characteristics of small size, high speed, stable signal transmission etc. ; self-owned brand, easy maintenance and quick response for customer questions.

-Independent develop smart scanner control system with multi-functions and superior performance: easy operation, long-term free maintenance and upgrade as well as modification customizayion according to special requirements from customers.

- With a double working position: 8- station work area with a multi-dimensional rotation to meet the needs of all dimensional (360 degree) marking for the bulb; XY mobile platform to meet the needs of ordinary plane marking, real one machine with multifunction.

Technical Parameter

Model MF20-L-A
Laser wave 1.06um Machine dimention 880 mm x 720 mm x 1525 mm
Spot quality < 1.2 m2 Machine weight 180Kg
Laser Power 20 Watts Work environment Clean, no dust or less dust
Pulse frequency 20~80KHZ Temperature 10° C ~ 35° C
Cooling method Air Humidity ≦ 80% , non-condensation
Mark area 110 X 110 mm (Optional) Total Power 1.5 KW
Focal distance 163 mm Class of safety protection IP54
Work distance 188 mm Laser safety class Class 4
Min line width 0.02 mm Height adjustable distance 0~520mm
Min character 0.02 mm Anterio-posterior adjustable distance 0~100mm
Work speed 0~7000 mm/s Marking direction 0°, 45°, 90°
Graphic format supported BMP, JPG, AI, DXF, PLT, ....etc Procession work area 8-station
Power Supply AC220V±10% Rotation precision 0.05mm
Frequency 50HZ/60HZ

" Drilling and scratching on metal and plastic, but It specializes in drilling on the LED lamps and bulbs "