CMA2040C-G-A | Egytronics
CMA1530C-G-A / laser cutter
Model : CMA2040C-G-A
Work Area : 2000 mm * 4000 mm
Maximum Speed : 100 m/min
Laser power : 700 W ~ 2000 W

* CMA2040C-G-A Practicability is a very critical factor that users think of before they decide to choose any kind of fiber laser cutting machine. Effective cutting area is also of paramount concern when it comes to large-format metal cutting in industries, such as: agricultural machines, central air conditioning units, kitchenware, lamps, large doors or windows, etc. The CMA2040C-G-A type large format cutter features high rigidity and heavy duty design. It can perform large-format cutting operation while maintaining high processing efficiency and good stability.

Functional Features:

1. Y-axis Synchronous Dual-Drive Solution
The twin-motor, twin-gear synchronous drive system operates with a high-strength aluminum alloy cross member to achieve a maximum acceleration of up to 1.0G. It enables our product to offer higher processing efficiency and less gas consumption when compared to other similar products in this industry.

2. The rack and pinion drive system is imported from Germany. It has overcome the oscillation problem caused by high speed and long-distance operation, thus resulting in high precision transmission and increased production efficiency.

3. The high rigidity and heavy-duty cutting equipment can minimize the risk of oscillation generated from high-speed cutting activities.

4. The high-performance cast aluminum cross member has undergone finite element analysis to achieve the ultimate in dynamic performance. Superb structural rigidity allows this cutting equipment to stably work for a long time and makes it ideal for high speed and precision laser cutting.

5. The open type working table is easy to operate and requires a very small space.

Suitable Materials:

The laser metal cutting machine is mainly used for fast cutting of carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, galvanized sheet, Al-Zn coated sheet, brass, copper and other metallic materials.


Kitchenware, lamps, sheet metal work, equipment cabinets, auto parts, refrigerators, air conditioners, elevators, hotel supplies, etc.

Technical Parameters

Cutting Range (L×W) 2000 mm * 4000 mm
Laser Type Fiber laser
Rated Laser Power 700 W ~ 2000 W up to 3000 KW(optional)
Drive system Dual-drive gantry structure
Lubrication System Fully automatic
Maximum Speed 100 m/min
Maximum Acceleration 1.0 G
Positioning Accuracy ±0.03 mm / 1000 mm
Repeatable Positioning Accuracy ±0.02 mm / 1000 mm
Supported Graphic Format CAD, DXF, etc.
Work Environment 0 - 40° C Humidity ≦ 80% , non-condensation
Total Power Approx. 25KW
Power Supply 3-phase 380 V / 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Approx. Overall Dimension (L×W×H) 5500 mm * 3250 mm * 1650 mm
Approx. Total Weight 6000 Kg

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