CMA 1325C-G-D | Egytronics
CMA1530C-G-A / laser cutter
Model : CMA 1325C-G-D
Work Area : 2500 mm * 1300 mm
Maximum Speed : 45 m/min
Weight : 2300 Kg

Outstanding Features of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
The fiber laser cutting machine with double screw rods and double motor drive is designed particularly for the advertising industry.

Functions of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine:

1. The CMA1325C-G-D is high efficient with its double screw rods and double motors drive system.

2. It is attached with fiber laser with low power consumption 1kwh per hour, ensuring low cost.

3. The reflector path is free of maintenance, which exerts less energy consumption on wearing parts.

4. Specialized cutting Soft ware can achieve stock layout and smooth treatment on the edge. It has high speed drilling and engraving function.

5. It is a customized for the metal processing industry with its compacted structure and small volume.

Material Applicable For Cutting:

It is mainly used for the quick cutting of variable metals such as carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, galvanized plate, brass and so forth.

Application Area:

The cutting machine finds applications in manufacturing industry such as sheet metal working, precision accessories, home appliance, carte gift, decoration, advertisement, and metal tool.

Technical Parameters

Mode CMA1325C-G-D laser cutting machine
Processing range 2500 mm * 1300 mm
Laser power 200W Standard - 250W available - 500W available - 700W up to 3000 KW
Max. speed 45 m/min
Max. acceleration 0.6 G
Positioning Accuracy ± 0.05 mm / 1000 mm
Repeated positioning accuracy ± 0.03 mm / 1000 mm
The supporting format PLT,DXF, AI, etc
Operation conditions Tem.0-45° C Moisture ≦80%, no condensation
Machine Power 4 KW
Power supply 220 V / 50 Hz
Weight 2300 Kg
Dimensions 3550 mm * 2050 mm * 1550 mm

"Cutting Metal Materials"